BlackBerry App Development

The BlackBerry has long been a staple in the business circle. Users have the opportunity to do more with their device thanks to the BlackBerry app world and Mighty Nerd Software. Our apps let your organisation tap into this growing market to boost your product, services and message to the wider audience.

Windows Phone App Development

Windows Phone is a Microsoft mobile operating system. Users running your app can enjoy many built-in benefits like Tiles, Hub, Xbox LIVE and the Windows Marketplace. Mighty Nerd Software takes advantage of these features along with the great integration of Microsoft Outlook and People Hub to build your organisation an incredible app.

Android App Development

Mighty Nerd Software also creates apps that run on the popular Android operating system. Users of Android mobile devices can enjoy our beautifully designed apps showcasing your company and your message. Google Play is Google’s answer to Apple’s App Store. It is a great way for your audience to connect with your business through devices from Samsung, HTC, LG and many more.

iPhone and iPad App Development

The Apple iPhone and iPad are incredible devices. We take advantage of the powerful hardware and Apple's iOS operating system to create amazing apps. Features like Siri, Passbook, FaceTime and iCloud along with the world's largest App Store make these devices a popular choice amongst consumers. Our team has the technical know-how to create the perfect iPhone or iPad app for your organisation.

We Cater for all Platforms

We celebrate the fact that there is a huge variety of smart devices to choose from. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, BlackBerry, HTC and Nokia all have an incredible and diverse product line.

At Might Nerd Software, we value your customer's choice in smart devices. Our software engineers have the experience in building apps across all the popular software platforms. We can provide an amazing app for whatever platform you choose.