Many top organisations have an app as part of their marketing strategy. This creates a point of difference, increases productivity and improves sales. A custom built app by Mighty Nerd Software allows people to connect with your business instantly. We develop apps that teach, inform, market, solve problems, entertain, sell and improve efficiency. We can even integrate your app to social media services to further promote your product, service or message.

Instant Service

Decisions in a flash

Apps provide instant service and information to your customers. Our custom apps put your business in the path of the audience. Your organisation, your products and your services are conveniently accessible at the touch of a finger.

New Customer Pool

Reach further

A well constructed app focuses your product to your target market. It creates top-of-mind awareness and informs customers as to why your products or services are superior. Our apps showcase your organisation in new and exciting ways.

New Revenue Stream

Up, up and away

Having a presence in the smartphone world makes good business sense. Mighty Nerd Software works with your current digital marketing strategies to tailor an app that best suits your needs. A well designed app can present companies with new revenue streams.

Raise Customer Experience

Build enduring relationships

Your app reflects your brand. Delighting your audience with an innovative and clever app equates to a great customer experience. Make your brand personality shine with an app your customers can relate to.