Commitment to Quality

Pledge to Excellence

Quality is never an accident at Mighty Nerd Software. It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the best choice of all alternatives. Mighty Nerd Software has systematic processes to build quality into our apps from inception to delivery.

Providing Value

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Providing value makes us valuable to our clients. Mighty Nerd Software is about quality, value and incredible service. We put ourselves in our clients shoes. Thinking like our clients lets us control costs, provide value and build a better product.

Platinum Software Developers

Mighty Nerd Software was established by a team of specialists. Our founders have a wealth of development experience with companies including Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, THQ, Sony, Atari, Nintendo and Microsoft. We have been involved in creative designs for games, film, radio and television. Clients love our professionalism and level of commitment in developing the best possible app for their organisations. We create apps right here in Melbourne and nothing is outsourced overseas. Mighty Nerd Software has a reputation built on quality, value and delivery of promises.

Identify and Anticipate

The Extra Mile

We identify and anticipate the needs of our clients often before they even realise them. Solving emerging needs helps prevent problems before they start. A great app is never attained by simply doing what is required; it is the hard work done above and beyond that sets us apart. We go the extra mile.

Delivery on Promises

We do what we Say

Our reputation, credibility and competitive edge is based on our delivery on promises. Upholding our high standards means your app will be developed on time and on budget.